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There is a natural balance to all things

From the celestial dance between sun and moon to the ebb and flow of ocean tides, these majestic actions happen naturally, effortlessly, and with ease.

You are part of this natural order

By cultivating awareness through movement, breath and meditation, you can be in harmony with your fundamental nature. Living from this grounded self understanding prepares us for the ups, downs, and in-betweens of life.

How can movement | breath | meditation help me?

Find balance in your body and mind

through a blend of interdiciplinary movement modalities, breathing practices, and natural meditation. Discover ways to listen and move in harmony with your body and mind.

Some days may call for a good old fashioned downward dog to relieve back pain. Other days, resistance training, like squats, pull ups or push ups, make sense to balance the body.

The breath is in a beautiful lifelong relationship with your energetic states. Feeling tired? There are breathing techniques that create an environment of alertness and focus. Mind racing the moment you lay your head to rest? Try following your exhale, either by counting them or simply noticing where you feel it most easily in your body.

Meditation is a powerful tool in balancing the mind. It can clarify what’s important to you and illuminate the daily habits that comprise the life you envision living. Explore practical ways to integrate meditation into your day.

Where to find me

Wednesdays & Fridays @ 9am

ZOOM ID# 916-0994-1169 PW: 2008

Thurs 6:15p ANIMAL FLOW & 7:15p YOGA FLOW 1

@ Evoke Yoga in Downtown Los Angeles

Upcoming & past events

The Shape of Your Breath: Folds and Backbends
@ Evoke Yoga
10/26/19 - 5:00pm

Why do I practice?
What does it do for me?

It was a calm, warm Los Angeles evening in a frantic delivery warden. Weary, yet determined through 25 hours of labor, a beautiful and spectacular woman gave birth to a heavenly 7.6 pound baby girl. Jino’s first daughter - his moon, the lighthouse in the dark - was born. Immediately, he experienced a deep connection and profound sense of love. He also realized, as writing this, his awkward relationship with talking about himself in the third person.

Let me try this instead. Human connection is my passion. Practicing mindfulness has supported me in exploring my relationship to myself and those around me. Observing the body, breath and mind with the intelligence and integrity of a scientist, combined with the playfulness and curiosity of a child brings me joy. Whether running trails, learning to walk on my hands, working one-on-one or in large groupps, the practice of mindfulness weaves through each experience. Being present for life allows me to be here, now, for you. To be here for all those I am in service for.


As a nurse, I take care of patients on life support. Jino has taught me how to properly use my body to move patients. Breathing exercises have also helped me remain calm in my high stress work environment.

Brenda C.

I've always been a terrifyingly shy introvert. With Jino's guidance, I've learned to listen to my breath. It calms me. I was able to give a class presentation, and I was surprised of how relaxed I was. I would even say it was fun.

Mabel C.

I always wanted to meditate. I believed there was a certain way that it had to be done. Jino showed me that I can simply be, whereever I am and whatever I'm doing, by listening to my breath. I have to admit, it has helped me a lot and I feel happier.

Bri G.

I've learned to notice my body while sitting and standing. I've discovered how to balance in these positions. It has really helped improve my lower back pain.

Tania D.